Wedding Handmade Greeting Card

Are you still having trouble choosing your wedding greeting card for your best friends?Why not choose this kind of wedding handmade greeting card!It is not just a simple paper craft, but also a passion of good wishes.
As we have seen,this card have lots of paper accessories that we use special paper to cut the shape of the dress.And on the woman’s dress decorate with a delicate white rose and shining star. This greeting card is decorated by hot foil of high quality, so the shape of the words and Love design makes the card looks much more vivid.
The structure of this card is clearly designed and refreshing, like your heart that want to convey your love. You can write anything you want on the handmade greeting card! Never mind to express your love to the one you love deeply. Choose this greeting card, tell them your best wishes and prepare this as a wonderful gift, and he or she will be moved deeply!