Handmade Christmas Greeting Card

Christmas is the day that jesus christ was born. people in the world celebrate and worship this day in his honor. the santa claus will come out and send presents for children. christmas cards and decorated trees are all over the place. the carolling of christmas songs echo through the air.
Handmade Xmas Greeting Card has a beautiful background with a gold hot stamping stars and a lovely deer. This card consists of many accessories, a green Christmas tree, two bells in cotton cords, and paper accessories with hot stamping text.the card is also equipped with a golden envelope.
Winpsheng – as a professional pop up card manufacturer and wholesaler – provide custom service where you can create your own custom designs.
Material: 240g~300g paper  
Size: 166x116mm, 5x7 inches or OEM
Colors: 4C or PMS
Package:1pc/polybag+ colorful envelope (customized)