Happy Wedding Blank Recordable Greeting Card
On the front cover is a line that reads "happy wedding," and below that is an oval space where a photograph can be placed. Open the card,there is a  "message" on the left. You can write your blessing in here. On the right side of the bottom, there is a switch, open this switch, press the right "recording" button, in the "drip" sound, you can record your blessing to them, release the button, the end of the recording. Press the "play" button to hear the recording. Recordings can be eliminated and changed over and over again.
On wedding day, people who get married expect to receive blessings. This blessing is not only limited to words, but also can express what we want to say, what we are embarrassed to say face to face, through this recording card. This card can record your good wishes to them, and it will be a good memory to take out this card in the future.
This is a good card to send to someone who is getting married. Write your wishes down and record them. You can also send it to your lover on your wedding anniversary, put your photos or wedding photos on it, write down what you want to say to them, and record it to surprise and touch them. This card would be a thoughtful gift.
Material:240g~300g paper
Colors: 4C or PMS
Packages:1pc/poly bag+ envelop(customized)