Yellow Flag Happy Birthday Recordable Greeting Card
The cover is bright yellow, brightening the mood of the recipient. In addition to "happy birthday", there is also a hollowed-out gift box. In the hollowed-out place, you can have your own design, which can be customized for your friends, and write your friends' names or other things. Open the card and put it on the side where you can write your best wishes to your friends, family and loved ones. Below the other side of the card, there is an on key, and there are recording, playing buttons. You can record what you want to say to a friend before you send the card. You could record, delete, re-record any message or sound in your there. Then play it. It is very suitable for wedding card, invitation, birthday, etc.
How to use it: Press and hold the recording button. Until “di” appears, start recording and release it after recording is finished. Press the recording button until “di di” appears, record able voice is deleted.
Each card comes with an envelope. You can write sweet messages or inappropriate jokes. You can also write some words of blessing to your friends. It’s up to you! Present this thick, durable card stock with bright and bold colors to own the gifts giving game this year. Frame it and hang it for Decoration!
Material: 240g~300g paper  
Size: 11.5cmx15cm or customized
Package:1pc/poly bag+ colorful envelope (customized)