Valentine's Day Popup Laser Cutting Card

On the cover of the card is yellow pearl paper, on which radium shoots a hot air balloon with the words "happy valentine's day".Open the card. The 3d part is a hot air balloon. There is also a hot air balloon in the lower left corner of the card.

Christians in order to commemorate valentine for justice, for pure love and sacrifice themselves, the death of this day as "valentine's day."It is a holiday about love, romance and flowers, chocolates and greeting cards. Men and women send CARDS and gifts to each other on this day to express their love or friendship.

On valentine's day and Chinese valentine's day, send this card to someone you love.A handwritten greeting card, like a ring to a marriage, is a must in love.Nowadays, people have become accustomed to express their love for each other through SMS, E-mail, QQ, video and other means. The era of handwritten greeting cards seems to be gone.However, can not die, is those hidden in the words between the pledge of eternal love, love lingering, is the pursuit of the pure to true love.
Material: 240g~300g paper  
Size:  5x7 inches or OEM
Package:1pc/poly bag+ colorful envelope (customized)