Happy Halloween Popup Laser Cutting Card
Halloween on October 31 is a traditional festival in the west.
The various activities traditional to Halloween are mostly associated with the idea of obtaining good fortune and foretelling the future.
Halloween costumes originated from practical jokes, adults take children out together (usually adults drive to the roadside, the children said: "no sugar, trick or treat of the game. Adults ask children to go to the door of the festival and lit the lights, or not to disturb. In addition, the sugar must always stand in front of the door to wait, do not enter the house, back to the sugar to adults to check before eating. The host family is also asked not to give home-made food or unpackaged food.
Our cards are perfect for all your Halloween fantasies. The cover of the card is mainly purple. Halloween pumpkin as the center of the cover, open the card, a special Halloween gift bag will pop out, all kinds of candy and props, using 3D laser technology, and can also be designed, no matter how rich your ideas, we can make.
Material: 240g~300g paper  
Size:  5x7 inches or OEM
Package:1pc/poly bag+ colorful envelope (customized)