Christmas Car 3D Popup Card  
This beautiful card is inspired by the Christmas theme.Christmas trees and cars driven for Santa Claus by Laser.

Occasions:      Red, green, white three colors for Christmas color, Christmas comes every family will use Christmas color to decorate.There are Christmas flowers and candles in red, and the Christmas tree in green, which is the main decoration of Christmas.
In the west, playing Santa Claus is also a custom.Usually people before and after Christmas an evergreen plant such as pine trees into the house or in the outdoors, and Christmas lights and colorful decorations decoration, and Christmas socks is a pair of red socks before the earliest, size is not arbitrary.
Christmas day, the children put their own hope to get the gift written in the wish, hanging on the Christmas tree.After the children had gone to bed looking forward to it .Santa Claus will drive the deer car and other cars flying around the world quickly, to prepare the gift to the children's home.Children wake up in the morning with presents from Santa Claus lying next to them.  And this card really expresses the Christmas atmosphere and children's expectations for Christmas.

Size: 5'x7' or customized
Material: colored paper or uncoated paper  
MOQ: 500pcs
Packaging: each pc with one envelope and one clear plastic bag.