Wedding 3D Popup Card Invitation

This beautiful card is in bright red . The cover of love gives people a sense of happiness .
Once opened .The image of a man proposing to his beloved woman comes into view .
Give a person a kind of beautiful and sacred feeling.
The wedding invitation card is a real invitation card for the newlyweds to invite the guests before the wedding.
The wedding invitation card reflects the respect and attention to the guests.So in the choice of wedding invitation card can not be underestimated, in today's society, wedding invitation card is no longer pure and fresh quietly elegant tone, but with red department, reflect the happiness and passion of marriage
These CARDS are used for weddings, engagements, etc.
Invite friends and relatives to witness the happy moment of you and your
Wedding card is very important, is the guests of your wedding first impression.So it needs to be taken seriously.
Careful design and 3D three-dimensional sense will let your guests feel your heart
Pass on the happiness you have to everyone in the form of CARDS.
Paper: 200gsm~300gsm coated or uncoated paper
Size: 116x166mm or customized
Printing: 4C or customized
MOQ: 500pcs 
Packaging:Each pc in a polybag with an envelop or customized