Architecture Tower Bridge 3D Popup Card 
This beautiful card is in bright red
The cover is a 3D laser made of London bridge
Spread out is a three-dimensional building
Some people may only be able to feel the glory of the tower bridge building on their mobile phone or computer pictures, but not see its details and scale, so we use the form of CARDS to convey to everyone
As a symbol of London, London tower bridge has a long history. The construction of London tower bridge not only brings us convenience in traffic, but also brings us visual beauty. People with a visual impact, bring a sense of shock, reminiscent of London tower bridge is not easy to build.The tower of London conveys to visitors the historical context of Britain since the 11th century and continues the humanistic spirit.It is not only a treasure-rich museum and one of the most charming ancient tourist attractions, but also the "Forbidden City" in British people's mind. It is also a typical example of historical and cultural value and a worthy world cultural heritage.We used 3D laser technology to perfectly express the beauty of tower bridge and architectural details

Paper: 200gsm~300gsm coated or uncoated paper
Size: 116x166mm or customized
Printing: 4C or customized
MOQ: 500pcs 
Packaging:Each pc in a polybag with an envelop or customized