Thailand Wat Arun Laser 3D Popup Greeting Card

Thailand Wat Arun, whose big tower up to 79 meters high, also named the temple of the dawn, is known as the "Eiffel Tower of Thailand". It is a famous temple in Thailand and one of Thailand's Royal temples.
Want to own Wat Arun? Then this laser 3Dgreeting card of the temple can meet your wish! The plane graph ofWat Arun on the cover is just a prelude, and the little sunflower is just a decoration. Open the card, the3D mini version of Wat Arun willWin yourheart . The square shaped base and the body of the tower represent the simplicity and solemnity of Wat Arun. The inside page of the greeting card is also unique. Thailand's iconic Buddha, architecture, food, transportation and Thailand's elephant are all visible, covering the lives and beliefs of Thais.
Love Thailand's Wat Arun, don't miss the Thailand Wat Arun Laser 3D Greeting Card!
Material: 240g~300g white paper or customized
Size: 166x116mm, 5x7 inches or customized
Color: CMYK or Pantone
Package:1pc/polybag+ colorful envelope (customized)