Wedding Velvet Musical Box

Look, what a delicate box! It would be a good idea to use it to put your wedding gift for your wife. It can be used to hold a lot of things, rings, necklaces, watches, bank cards. It all depends on your choice.
The color of the main body of the box is red, and the image on the cover of the box means “I love you”. The box designed in this way can express your love for your wife strongly and directly. The person who receives it must be able to feel your heart felt.
Open the box, you can hear a piece of music, just like you are singing to her to express the love in your heart. Then close the box, music will stop or you can also choose to wait until the music has finished playing and then stop automatically.
Material: Velvet and 1.5mm gray cardboard/Customized
Size: 105x85x70mm/Customized
Surface Finishing: Heat transfer/Hot foil/ Glitter/ Embossing/ Customized