Kraft Paper Music Gift Box

The music box is made of 150g kraft paper and 1.5mm grey cardboard. The letters and patterns on the box were added by means of hot foil. The structure of the box is that the lid is separated from the body. Music automatically plays music when the lid is opened. The pattern on the box is composed of a fish bone and words. We can accept custom design.
When we give a gift, we usually put it in a box. This will be more surprising. This music box is designed to make the surprise a little more special. It is different from ordinary carton. This box plays music. This box is very versatile and creative. It's very popular.
This box can be used for many occasions, such as birthday presents, Christmas, Halloween, Father’s Day, mother's day, etc. Put a gift in this box for someone you love. Then give it to him or her. This will be a very creative and surprising gift. Music box audio source can be customized. Brown paper will make the box look more textured.

Material: 150g brown kraft paper and 1.5mm grey cardboard.
Size: 12x12x8cm or custom
Surface: Printing/ hot foil
Function: Open the box to play music, while close it, music stops.