Happy Birthday Light Tree Greeting Card

Have you ever climbed trees when you are young? It must be a warm and beautiful memory if you have done such a thing. Of course, if you didn’t have this kind of experience, why not choose this kind of greeting card with LED and music to help you have a wonderful thought!
The cover of the greeting card is decorated with green color. Also there are several pictures of trees and light. First glance through the card, you can enter into a wonderful and mysterious tree world. The warm orange lights are separated in the body of the tree, like fireflies around it. How secret and mysterious world it is! In-depth and simple sense of the picture, you can't tell whether it is just in reality or dream.
Once you open the card, the light will flash with the melody of the music. Every note is like a dancing fairy. Give this splendiferous greeting card to your friends, and show your best wishes to him or her. Write your own wishes on the card. The one who receive this fancy gift will be happy when the greeting card is shown to him or her!