High Heels Optical Fiber Greeting Card

Today, most of the high heels are associated with women's shoes, and the high heels are often understood to be almost exclusively women's stiletto heels. With the inspiration of high heels and girls, to make them combine with our greeting cards, then here comes to our special kind of card. Why we choose optical fiber in this card?
High heels are always the trend of fashion because it doesn’t only show out the charm of women, but also one attitude to life. In order to enrich the variety of cards, we design such a kind of electronic card to colorful its meaning. Press the button, and the music comes out with the lights. The optical fiber twinkles along with the music, shining like diamonds. Unique lighting design shows rich creativity, which is accumulated by our years of experience of greeting cards.  
So, do you have a girl whom you’d like to express love to? Or you want to buy it to your friends for a gift. Such a wonderful and creative greeting card combined with superb lighting effects, we believe it does help you leave a deep impression to the one whom you give the greeting card to.