Happy Birthday Rainbow and Unicorn Greeting Card

Rainbow, as a kind of magical thing which contains sweet dreams, beauty and incredible landscape, show us the wonders and uniqueness of nature. When you first see this greeting card, a lovely and beautiful picture will enter your eyes and move into your heart. Colorful design between the rainbow and horse show us a beautiful picture which conveys love and childhood.
By sending this card to your friends, it will evoke memories of his or her childhood. The rainbow and horse shuttle between the white clouds, reflecting the carefree childhood. Once you open the card, a cute horse will come into your eyes. The music will also come along with the lights. The optical fiber shines like diamonds, and flashes with the melody.
Why not choose this kind of music card to convey your love and wishes? He or she who receive this card will definitely love it because its unique design and beautiful picture. We combine these factors to help you show your best wishes to your friends. Warm music and delicate lights take you to a magical world where there is full of joy and love. So, convey your wishes by sending this wonderful card! 

Material: 250~300gsm paper
Color: 4C or PMS
Size: 116x166mm or customized
Packing: each pc in a pp bag with an envelop or customized