Happy Birthday Puppy Greeting Card
Do you love puppies? Puppies have learned a special habit that is in harmony with human behavior in their long-term interaction with people. Puppies can be as companions, housekeeping, hunting, grazing, loading, pulling, police, military, pets, and people with disabilities. Therefore, they have the reputation of being a "good friend of mankind." 
So, to see such a cute puppy, how can’t you be tempted? Also, this time we combine the clever puppies with our greeting card, showing the magical friendship between the humans and dogs. Open the greeting card, and the music comes around you with the lights flashing like stars. The happy music will bring the joy to you. The flag in the card is decorated by many kinds of colorful LED, so it can light when you open the greeting card. The pink bow around the puppies makes the cover much clever, and gives you a warm memory of animals.
To give it to your friend as a birthday gift, he or she will be deeply attracted by such a wonderful greeting card. Don’t you want to see their happy face when you give it to them? Choose this music and optical fiber greeting card, give your friends as a unique and wonderful gift.