Birthday Party Musical Led Light Greeting Card

The cover color of this card is bright and colorful, very personalized, with a little animation style."We celebrate a birthday party" was written on the cover. Open this card, inside the style similar to the cover.There's a cartoon frog prince with a microphone. Below it are the words "today you are the king". When the card is open, the concert plays automatically and the lights on the frog's head light up, looking like a stage effect.
Inspiration For A Birthday

This card focuses on style and personality. Unlike ordinary warm and lovely cards, this card is a little special. We want the recipient to make a surprise sound. This card will be very impressive. It will be the most unusual card the birthday person will receive.
Occasion For All Birthdays

This card is suitable for all birthdays, especially those who like something different. They like special gifts. If you send such a special card on their birthday, they will be very surprised. Who wouldn't want to receive a special gift? Write a word of blessing on this card, the person who receives it will feel your sincerity.
Material:240g~300g paper
Size: 5x7 inches or customized
Colors: 4C or PMS
Packages:1pc/poly bag+colorful envelop(customized)