Recordable Module:
Features of recordable modules:
1. 30seconds-1minutes sound recordable module, with speaker, microphone and button.
2. You can re-record your voice message as many times as you wish.
3. This is an ideal module for you to express your feelings to your friends, lover and family, and it also could place in the toys and greeting cards.
4. Application to the production of creative gifts, such as greeting cards, gift boxs, cake boxs and so on.
Long press the recordable button and you will hear the double “dudu”  and the sound means you could record the voice now. 
After finishing the recording, release the button, and press the recordable buttons again and it will play the voice you just recording.
The custom recordable module is perfect for bear or toy, you could record your warm message to your lover and friends, and it’s a warm and creative gifts for all occasion.
Send the gifts with your own voice and it’s a good memory for you and your family. You could record anything you want ,and we are glad to customize the modules for you.