Motorcycle3d Popup Birthday Music Card

The motorcycle on the front of this well-designed birthday card is very cool, and the whole card reveals a street graffiti style. Looking at the whole card, we can see that this card has a rock-n-roller riding a motorcycle with the cover "HAPPY BIRTHDAY". The graffiti color of the entire cover uses four-color printing, which has created an impact on our vision. After opening this card, we saw amazing details. The laser bike made with colored paper, the details are in place, which also indicates that the birthday will be finished, the new year will be better, let us ride this cool Cool motorcycles quickly enter the new year. Another detail is that in the upper right corner of the card, we can press the "Press Here" button, we will hear the sound of the motorcycle full of rock, the fiber in front of the motorcycle is also bright, although it is only a small Fiber optic lights. But it adds a lot of color to the whole card.
Inspiration for Motorcycle Birthday Music Card:
Birthdays always require unexpected surprises. We hope to celebrate the birthdays of the people around us in the most unexpected way. We designed this card and designed it to start at the beginning of the new year. I believe that everything is going well on the new year.
Occasions for Motorcycle Birthday Music Card :
The motorcycle birthday card is an unforgettable birthday present. This music card will definitely delight motorcyclists and everyone who likes them. Especially this music card has such a good meaning.
Paper: 200gsm~300gsm coated or uncoated paper
Size: 116x166mm or customized
Printing: 4C or customized
MOQ: 500pcs 
Packaging:Each pc in a polybag with an envelop or customized