Christmas Tree Pop Up Sound Music Card

Christmas tree pop up card has a colorful cover with a delicate Christmas tree. The image reveals a clue of what awaits inside. Open the card and you will find a three-dimensional paper sculpture of a Christmas tree next to gift boxes.Meanwhile, the holiday song starts playing to celebrate the new year. Our craftsmen have carefully design layers and layers of the pop-up to form a perfect and lively sculpture.
Luxury gifts, fancy christmas tree and inspirational decorations are what we call Christmas.There are ways to celebrate this holiday, including exchanging Christmas cards and thankful words. Inspired simply by winter holiday, the card reminisces those winter night when children trying so hard to wait up for the Santa to visit. This Christmas card will bring a wonderful holiday joy and surprise to any lucky recipient.
Christmas tree pop up card is an unforgettable Christmas gift in this year. This Christmas card is sure to delight holiday lovers and everyone who loves Christmas. Send with some your personalized messages to your loved, surely they will keep them forever.
Paper: 200g~300g paper
Size: 116x166mm or customized
Color: 4C or PMS
Packing: each pc in with a pp bag and envelop or customzied