Travel Invitation 3D Pop Up Musical Led Greeting Card

There is a beautiful picture on the card: a train with lights on is walking on the road, which the gas sprays from has become a bubble, floating to the air, the weather is fine: there are white clouds and green trees. Open the card, and then you can see a train three-dimensional model pop up .It is exquisite and beautiful. It can arouse our impulse to travel.
Travel is a very meaningful thing. The meaning of travel is not to escape, not to be an affair, not to relax, not to show off, but to wash your body and soul, to give yourself a new look, even a kind of lifestyle, adding more possibilities to life.
Function: Open the card and press the button, and then, you can hear a piece of music, like a buzzing sound when a train is driving. And after a few seconds, the led on the train will light on. Then press the button again, the music will stop or you can also wait until the music has finished playing and then stop automatically.
Material: 250gsm~300gsm C1S art paper
Surface Finishing: Hot foil/ Glitter/ Embossing/ Customized
Size: A5/ 153x153mm/ Customized
Package: 1pc polybag+1pc envelope (customized)