Happy Family Pop Up Music Greeting Card With LED Light

The cover of this card shows parents holding two children.When the card is opened, music will pop up automatically and the LED light will be on.Three-dimensional part of the design is the parents with their two children playing in front of the door.The children are playing happily while the adults are walking their dogs.In the background are houses, trees and street lamps.This card is a patent product of our company.
Inspiration of happy family pop up greeting card with LED light
On weekends, a family of four with a dog goes out for a walk.What a family bonding thing.What a great thing it is to go out and have fun as a family.Put down your phone, put down your work, put aside your worries, and spend more time with your family.
Occasion for happy family pop up greeting card with LED light
This card should be sent to your family at any time.You can tell them how much you love them and want to spend more time with them.You want to spend the weekend with your family, dropping everything that doesn't matter and going for a walk together.The beauty of life is living with those you love.We should put down our phones more and cherish the time we spend with our families.
Material:240g~300g paper
Size: 5x7 inches or OEM
Colors: 4C or PMS
Packages:1pc/poly bag+colorful envelop(customized)