Wedding 3D Laser Invitation Card With Music

This beautiful card features a serious dark blue tone and features a couple in love on the cover. Open the card, you can see, on a night full of love, a couple wearing wedding dresses to witness their love, standing outside their small home, the stars in the sky seem to be congratulating them, congratulating them on the completion of love.
The wedding invitation card is a real invitation card for the newlyweds to invite the guests before the wedding. The wedding invitation card reflects the respect and attention to the guests. So, in the choice of wedding invitation card cannot be underestimated.
A delicate and beautiful card is sent to friends and relatives to convey their happiness at this moment. Invite friends and relatives to witness the happy moment of you and your lover. Careful design and 3D three-dimensional sense will let your guests feel your heart.
When you open this card, it not only gives you a visual experience with 3D effects, but also has sparkling lights and charming music
You can have your own ideas, you can have your own music, we can all record it for you
Material: 240g~300g paper  
Size:  15cmx 21cm or OEM
Package:1pc/polybag+ colorful envelope (customized)