The National Day is often taken as the date on which a state or territory achieved independence. For Chinese, Oct. 1st is destined to a vital special and meaningful date. In other words, it is the birthday of People Republic of China as well as the birthday of all Chinese people!
On Oct. 1, 1949, China announced to be an independent country officially. It remarks that China is no longer a colonial country! Thousands of people stand up and embrace the brighter future together, which create a hopeful and beautiful blueprint in the world. What’s more, this year is China’s 70th birthday, which is a significant day in Chinese history. On this day, a military parade will be held in Tian' anmen Square in Beijing. The parade is a ceremony to review the armed forces, to salute, and celebrate and show off the achievements of the army. 
Nowadays, Chinese people will have a seven-day-off holiday for celebrating the birthday of China. As the great improvement of living standards achieved by Chinese people, there are varieties of activities, like travelling, visiting relatives and so on.
Anyway, enjoy this meaningful festival. Happy National Day!