Have you ever prepared a warm and delicate gift which contains best wishes to the one you love? Maybe, the recipients have thrown away your carefully prepared gift because the gift was not so wonderful and meaningful. What a terrible experience it was, wasn’t it! How to prepare a special, impressive gift with great surprise? This time, Winpsheng will share you inspiration and provide interesting points with you to catch one person’s heart. To share you the secrets of making wonderful and meaningful greeting cards, which aims to break the traditional concept, your gift will be the most special one!
Winpsheng here will share you the history and story how Winpop is made, come and go!

Step 1: Create
Our designs are almost adjusted to our customers, and Winpop designs are almost best closed to you! Each designs are coming from imaginations of our designers, also you can join in the creations. Our greeting cards combine anything you want to express, with sympathy, humor, joy, thanks, love and admiration. Touching things are always around us. Select a theme, a greeting card can start designing, which conclude your own impression and love. This will also help you to add an emotional connection with the people who have touched your lives.

Step 2: Design
Our engineering department have equipped with advanced 3D modeling software, which helps us designers to engineer each card's paper more subtly. Combined with the traditional paper craft, modern technique show us incredible and magical surprise moment. To reveal a new design for the first time is always exciting. It just likes a cute baby, growing up and bringing you happiness. To finish the sketch, design, add beautiful color, finally assemble, these step always take us joys.
Step 3: Produce
Die-cut, laser, and slice, three points for dealing with raw materials. The paper will not be a simple one anymore, but into soul. With delicate color, it starts to tell you a meaningful story.
Step 4: Winpop assemble:
Choosing fine quality paper is of great significance for greeting cards because it will grab your eyes and hands even if you have a glance or a touch of it. One thing makes a difference for every Winpop is that greeting cards are crafted by us carefully woven and popped into place with lots of extra care and love. That’s why Winpop is differentiating from other greeting card factories. Although we assemble greeting cards by line mass production, however, you will never think that they are so. Come and choose the best for you!