All start with an thanksgiving invitation. Then the party night was coming
We decorated the office, to be warm and festival like. It was great! Candles and flowers......
We prepared the foods, to be like a feast. Yes, it was. Pizza, Turkey, Cakes and Sparkling Wine...
We dressed up and make up, to be graceful. Yes, see the pictures below.   
We were happy and thankful to all the things happened before , now and future.
Our party is to remind us of the simple facts of life that we should appreciate. We show gratitude to our parents who give us life.
We show gratitude to our friends who care about us.
We show gratitude for those little things that enrich us beyond measure, sunshine, breezes, moonlights, rains and trees.
Thanksgiving is nothing ideological, religious, or commercial; it is about the way of thinking----
a perspective of life.
Happy Everyday!!!