Custom music birthday greeting card

Custom music birthday greeting card

This music birthday greeting card is a good gift for a musician or a phiharmonic(People who love music very much). The notes and the musical staff jump on this card, they will singing “2 1 3 1 5 4”. Open this card, they will hear the beatiful melody. This small gift will easily touch them.

Sound Module

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1. What kind of paper can be printed on?

Art paper gives the best performance of color and design. We also can provide other special paper like black card, white card, offset paper and PU leather etc.

2. How to start producing the sound module?

It is depend on what is the order quantity, normally, we will advise customer to do the small quantity order by OTP chip, and larger quantity order produced by mass IC chip.

3. What is trade assurance?

We’re so glad to inform you that we accept trade assurance through which you could get full protection for your orders.
100% Product quality protection
100% On-time shipment protection
100% Payment protection